Carmen Arbour, B.A.

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Hello and welcome to my website!
I am fully bilingual in English and French.

- 14 years experience as a real estate broker
- A bilingual service in French & English
- An affiliation within the largest and most efficient real estate network RE/MAX
- Availability, collaboration and excellent negotiator

- An exceptional network of contacts from Quebec to Montreal
- A social media network of almost 5000 Facebook connections and more than 6000 additional followers. Facebook has historically brought me a lot of visibility on my properties and also referrals
- Bachelor in communication and public relations & 10 years + in advertising and marketing agencies

Thanks to my integrity and a work method focused on advisory service, discretion and my involvement in all stages of my transactions, I help my clients achieve their goals and especially their real estate dreams.
I am definitely dedicated and available 7 days a week.

SINCE 2009
I have been working as a residential and commercial real estate broker for nearly 14 years.
I started my career as a broker in 2009 in Montreal, in a very competitive market, it allowed me to develop a great sense of competition and negotiation. I am happy to be doing my job in the Capitale-Nationale since 2021. I simply fell in love with this magnificent city, its citizens and its nearby nature!

SELLERS - I offer excellent real estate appraisals at no cost.
Rest assured that a good broker will visit your property to give you an accurate picture of the value of your home. The inside is as important as the outside! Dear sellers, I can help you sell your home efficiently, take the stress out of negotiation and ensure that you are protected during this important transaction. We will look at all aspects together and I will be the ambassador of your house.

BUYERS - I accompany buyers during this important purchase.
My job, in addition to ensuring that I see at all stages of the purchase, is also one of discernment in order to find THE property that suits you. I am patient and I give all the necessary hours so that you are happy with your purchase. The contract-purchase will allow you to be represented by a broker. Ask me, I will be happy to explain the buying process to you. When you buy through Centris, my services are free.

DEVELOPERS - I am a great resource for developers.
I had the chance to work on many new condo projects since 2009. Reading technical plans and specifications, as well as GCR contracts are very familiar to me. Selling off plans comes easily and naturally to me because I understand the stages of construction and I know how to help buyers project themselves into unbuilt units.

BECHELOR DEGREE - I have a university education and management experience that complements my expertise. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in communication and public relations, I also worked for nearly 10 years managing a multitude of advertising and sponsorship campaigns. I am a marketing specialist from all angles.

Do not hesitate to communicate with me.
A meeting will allow you to decide if my approach suits you.

I help sellers and buyers realize the project of a lifetime!


Carmen Arbour, B.A.
Real estate broker
Résidential & Commercial

418-609-5955 |
RE/MAX 1er CHOIX - Real Estate Agency
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Carmen Arbour, B.A.

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